Q - Do you sell to the public and what quantities?
A - We sell a minimum of 1 lb per color to any customer. Our products are not specified as hazmat for shipment. We ship our products worldwide.
NOTE: standard package size is 55 lb (25 kg)

Q - Do you have a price list?
A - Our prices are color and volume dependent. E-mail us your requirement for color(s) and quantities, and we’ll send you a Proforma or PayPal invoice

Q - Is smoke safe to inhale?
A - Although the smoke from the dyes is not toxic, inhalation can cause serious health problems

Q - Do you have recommended formulas to use with your dyes?
A - E-mail us a request and we’ll send formulas for different burning rates and smoke evolution, and a basic description about ingredients and how smoke is produced



Q - How much dye do I need to mix with smoke oil to make colored smoke on my turbo prop?
A - Unless your aircraft has a smoke generator that is designed specifically for liquid aerial dyes, e.g. Sanders Smoke Technologies self-contained smoke generators, neither powder nor liquid dye will work with smoke oil to create colored smoke. The only option for turbo-prop are RC-controlled smoke devices, made with powder dyes, installed on wing tips. Contact us for additional information.


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